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The intention to create "SANKARI" was to show the feelings those who face homophobia and intolerance daily suffer and that destroy the progress of our current world society.

Not without implying that regardless of the gender that characterizes us, we have the right to love how and with whom we want freely. It is based on the meaning of the word Sankari, which means Hero in Finnish. Giving an understanding of the act of rebellion when there are feelings of love towards another person and the salvation of endowing sexual freedom with anyone.


We present the main character, with a more urban style in an environment that does not seem to match her wardrobe. She begins to look for something that has left her long ago and that return her to her roots, begins to look for it, to freedom. The other girl personifies freedom, with a more wild style leaving her quest to join to her like a single being.


The main character leaves in search of what one day left her, freedom. With this personification, a love between them is presented, while she describes the feelings that have led her to that act of rebellion, in which both wear masks to do a heroic act but it is also forbidden. In addition to taking off clothes as a way to remove the weight of conventions and marked by society, thus joining each other in a natural way each other.


It is completely timeless, since the problem that is recreated carries years of history, reinforced by the figure of women, who have always been subjected to a macho society that prevented thinking and feeling for themselves. The DressCode of the main characters is set in references to more current urban street styles and wild bohemia.


The story takes place in a landscape far from civilization, (El Atazar, Madrid, Spain) where the wild and nature is everywhere, but also that fresh air of release that the main character longs for.


Starring by Alba Jover & Almudena Pérez | Directed by Javier Osés | Cinematography - Laura Hojas | Executive Producer - Daniel Lozano

Head of Production - Tania Fernández | Stylist - María Tercero | Camera Assist - Joaquin Alonso | Make Up - Sandra González

Sound Designer - Jorge “Xudi" | Sound Mixer - Javier Megias | Boom Operator - Ramiro López 

Filmed on El Atazar, Madrid, Spain

February 19th. 2017

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